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A DISCUSSION DO RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS HELP A CERTAIN PEOPLE PROGRESS IN A CERTAIN COUNTRY OR DO RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS HINDER THEIR PROGRESS? I believe in a simple rule - Things r best in their original form and alterations to the natural forms are not usually good although exceptions do exist. Talking about residential schools, I will be honest in saying I have never really liked the idea. The residential schools rather kill a person’s originality and curb the natural talent developed through free thought and spirit. Having been schooled in a day school, I felt a balance of exposure to family and school life. There was this right mix of personality development that enabled me reach so far in life that I could travel alone from my home country in a foreign land and do well still amidst the totally new environment. My own life is thus a big example, which I shall quote when stating my ideas against the residential school models. Even if we look at the aboriginal population in Canada versus the usual population, they are far behind which in itself is a proof enough that the aggressive assimilation based residential schools achieved nothing but failure. Nothing can ever be achieved by killing the real spirit of a human being. I am here in Canada and I do accept the changes one has to make in oneself to survive but one can never be uprooted from one’s culture or ethnicity. I would say these cannot help a person progress anywhere but they will only hinder one’s way to success. Let the free spirit soar high and contribute to its own rise and everybody else’s success in its own way. The continuous success of Canada, which has accepted diversity with open arms, is another proof. What a residential school could never do in past, these open day schools and universities of present have achieved. Isn’t that a proof big enough? Success of an individual and a country at large is

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