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The Harms and Benefits of the Internet for College Students Whether the Internet is good or bad for college students or not is an argument between many people. David Rothenberg, a professor and the author of “How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research Papers,” says that the Internet is not good for college students while Richard Cummins, a director of IT Applications and the author of “An Opposing View,” has the opposite idea. In my opinion, the Internet is more harmful than it is beneficial to college students for two main reasons. Naturally, the Internet does help college students to save time and money. Through the Internet, students can contact quickly their instructor by email when they need to ask questions or can’t attend a class meeting. Students can also save money by buying reference books, for books are a little cheaper on the Internet. In addition, saving money on gas is a problem that most students are concerned about because gas prices are more and more increasing in the world. Another benefit of the Internet for college students is the update of latest news anytime and anywhere. This benefit is not only for college students but for everyone. Hence, the Internet is beneficial to college students in several ways, but this does not mean students should completely rely on it. It is in the way that the Internet is more harmful to students as college students who rely on the Internet too much can not improve their critical thinking and reading ability. Students believe that they don’t need to think how to write an essay or how to do a research paper because there are so many available essay stereotypes on the Internet that they can copy easily. According to David Rothenberg author of “How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research Papers,” “What the Web adds to the shortcuts made possible by word processing is to make research look

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