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With the development of the Internet, E-commerce is becoming increasingly widespread. On-line shopping, for instance, has become an indispensable part of individual trading. As Young (2004) found that many employees shopping online excessively during work which leads to job loss. However, with the continuing use of on-line transactions, some issues may arise. Users might wonder the confidentiality of privacy information provided, the security of credit card (Koehn, 2003), the truth of the shopping web and the product quality described, the guarantee of the good’s after-service. Apparently, there is no doubt that individuals are worried about the security of shopping online. In this essay, I will analyze the security problems raised by it together with some practical solutions. 2. Security problems of online shopping 2.1 Privacy Information Disclosure Above all, personal information is an inevitable element when shopping online, because customers’ information, i.e. delivery address, cell phone number, is essential for the Internet merchants to send their products (Hui et al., 2007), but during this process, the problem may arise--customer may lose their desposition on privacy information while choosing online transaction--In a legal sense, merchants should never use the customers’ personal information for purposes without permission. Yet, in the real world, the problem of users’ information misusing, to some extent, is extremely widespread. For example, serious consequences, such as fraud, extortion, online credit card theft, reputation damage, etc. are mainly caused by personal information soled or misused. In the meantime, the E-commerce provider, intended or unintended, also loosen their safety control over their website which sever the situation of customer’s information loss, an examination by Culnan found that 65.9% of overall 361 exanimated “.com”

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