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The Invention of the Internet has had a negative effect on Language and Personal Interactions What is the propuse of the internet? If you ask this question in a room full of people of any ages you migth recive the same response: “To keep us connected”. But is this really true or is this just what we actually want to belive? Well, in my opinion, this is the most beautiful lie we have ever wanted to belive. For me, the invention of internet has had a tremendous negative effect on lenguages and comunication in general, and that is what this essay is going to be about. I will explaing my point of view of how internet is distroying our society and we are not paying attention. Firstly, the uncontrollable necessity to write our ideas in the shortes way possible. Due to internet comunication flexibility, abbreviations has taken a huge part of the writen language itself, making it ambiguous and poor of meaning. We have come from saying “I need to see you as soon as possible”, to “I need to C U ASAP” and the worst thing is that we support the degradation of our own language, and my question is: how is this even possible? We are creating a whole new summarized way of speking that is generating a lack of understending within generations without really knowing it. Sooner or later lenguages like English, Spanish, chinese and french will be nothing more than dead languages, all replaced by meaningless abreviations created because a dramatic revolution of comunication. And Social networks such as twitter and facebook has just made an incredible contribution to this phenomenon. The fact that big and influent social pages has had limitated the amount of caracters that you can use to express oppinions and ideas in posts has made us develop a method of adaptation so we can be able to say what we want, with the object that everybody else can have an oppinion about it also

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