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TECHNOLOGY PARK MALAYSIA AINT001-3-1 INTERNET APPLICATIONS INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT UCD1F1105 (G2) NAME : TULASINATAN A/L MUTHUALAGU STUDENT ID : TP026049 LECTURER NAME : Mr.MOHAMAD FIRDAUS BIN CHE ABDUL RANI DUE DATE : 24 APRIL 2012 ACKNOWLEDGMENT First of all I would like to thanks my lecturer Mr.Sha’azimIbhaidullahDadameah in guiding and help me to successfully finish up this assignment. My thanks and appreciations also got to my colleague in giving some ideas and explaining the guidelines and method of doing this assignment. Even though, I done this assignment, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of these peoples. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 OBJECTIVES 4 THE TERMS OF E-MONEY 5 E-MONEY SYSTEM 6 HARD AND SOFT MONEY 10 E-CASH 11 MONEY ORDER AND E-MONEY ORDER 13 INTERAC E-TRANSFER 16 E-MONEY REGULATIONS ( EMR ) 17 CONCLUSION 18 REFERENCES 19 ABSTRACT This assignment discuss about electronic money which known as E-money that related to the Internet Applications. This assignment will be discussing the functionality of E-money and how the process works by internet applications. INTRODUCTION The revolution in information and communication technologies facilitated the expansion of the electronic payment systems and the organization of new types of payment instruments. Communications became not only faster, easier and safer but also considerably cheaper. Much more efficient fund transfers systems emerged and as a result direct debits and credit transfers expanded considerably. Cards payments have been developing by providing added value services to consumers that rely on application of novel network technologies. Electronic money, the latest offspring of the electronic revolution in payment, is introduced for the facilitation of

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