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The pre-internet era was boring. Some may say that it was just as stimulating but in different, more "vibrant, outdoorsy" ways, but they are wrong. I have lived in both and the internet definitely makes life more interesting. In fact, combining the outdoors with the internet is one of life's greatest pleasures. Before the internet, if you were an intellectually curious introvert, books were pretty much the best you could do. Television was (as it is now), largely vapid and terrible, with the small number of high-quality shows interrupted regularly with annoying advertising. Radio was out of the question. Newspapers were like books except that you got your hands dirty reading them. Books required an extended piece of time and mental focus to get into, which is fine if you have hours to kill, but it is always hard to spend a spare 10 minutes reading a book. There was no pre-internet equivalent of 10 minutes of interesting content that you could access on your laptop or mobile phone, except perhaps for magazines, which were not social or interactive. Break room conversations and water cooler socializing is as dumb as it sounds. The majority of people are dumb and uninteresting (with a small minority being smart and interesting), and the great change that the internet makes is that it allows one to potentially interface with a far greater number of people, and thus more easily find those with similar interests and intellectual compatibility. Just as the internet allowed businesses to access a far larger number of potential customers compared to the physical foot traffic that a brick-and-mortar store is confined to, so too does it allow an individual to access a wider range of potential friends and conversation partners compared to those one can only meet via physical proximity, as in a workplace setting. Be glad for the internet; it connects you to

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