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In this paper I will put light upon the concept of Internet and the multipurpose Digital Television (DTV) and will bring out the comparison among the two. Internet as compared to DTV is quite a old technology but it’s the most used till now, whereas DTV was introduced in 1994 and is a new concept which is gaining popularity in the society as its getting advanced by time. This paper covers -- aspects of our research where in the beginning it explains the origin of Internet and how it has become a base of public sphere. Then it talks about the concept of DTV and how the DTV is groomed to replace the Internet. The direction then moves on to the reality check on the Internet and the DTV that how does they are advantageous or disadvantageous to the society where it details on the market perspective and the comparison between the two technologies. And then lastly the terminating paragraph focuses on the future scenarios of the same. To start with let’s get to know about the Internet first. The internet mere through the linking of few wires connects with its millions of users worldwide and is indeed affecting lives and that too in every second. Internet has made the human so reliable on it that today if you want anything the Internet is for your service on your door step. The internet is almost synonymous to change, that’s one of it’s enamour, and one of its vexation too. It is a vital source of communication today with the facilities like emails, free telephonic calls, video conferencing, etc. It has changed the way we used to do things, let it be communication, radio, TV, politics, relationships, etc. Internet is a critical part of every business’s business [1]. And even science is not left unmarked by Internet. It is making research more collaborative, making more data available, and producing more results, faster. Internet has gained a recommendable importance in the

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