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“The Wide World Of The Internet” More than half the people living in the whole planet use the Internet. The Internet is the most common form of communication in existence. It is the quickest, most efficient, and the most comfortable way of communication throughout the world. People who don’t use the Internet are at least aware of it; they just don’t have access to it due to mostly the lack of financial sustenance because most people who don’t have their own computers to use the Internet are in poverty. The Internet makes it simple for anyone to start chatting with another person who is across the globe. The Internet is by far one of the greatest inventions ever made. The statement from Morozov’s book, “The Internet is deaf to the social, cultural, and political subtleties and indeterminacies of a given situation” has many meanings and different interpretations. My interpretation of the statement is that Morozov thinks that the Internet isn’t useful when it comes to understanding the different things going on all around such as socially, culturally, and politically so he’s trying to say to us as the readers to not rely too much on the internet when people don’t need to. The Internet in his eyes can’t fully comprehend society and all its intricacies. Deploying technologies like the Internet on a grand scale, especially into developing nations would not be an easy task at all but there are always ways of doing the improbable. One such way of deploying the Internet into developing nations is by offering the Internet via public transportation coming in and out of towns and villages which is actually being used in India via buses and motorcycles. A virtual community is a community of people sharing common interests, ideas, and feelings over the Internet or other collaborative networks. People have written books on their own meaning of a virtual community.

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