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The most useful thing in our life I believe that the internet technology is the best advantage that technology brought to us. It had improved us educationally and globally. People became open minded even in conservative’s communities with the help of the internet technology that had entered in our lives. They can find certain information in instant and keep track with the world current events. The following examples will illustrate my point. First, there is information that takes long to find it in many books, we can easily look it up in the internet and find it in a short period of time. It may sound irrelevant but internet technology has the truths about everything in the world, economically and politically. Second, sometimes what we read in the newspaper or watch it on T.V is not completely the truth. In other words, computer technology tells different information from different resources that are trusted. Such as, wiki leaks, wiki travel...etc. In which helped us to learn more. Let me tell you this short story about how I learned and improved through computer technology. One time I wanted to improve my math skills and I was wondering what could be the best solution. I thought of buying a book that might help to develop myself more in math. Finally, I looked up a book in the internet and I found this book with reviews from different users, and I felt that this book will be the right choice for me. I also improved in English, and I learned how to write essays correctly and use the right words in the right context. I gained different knowledge from reading different articles in the internet. Third, the most special thing that the internet has is the e-mail. Most people use e-mail to send messages and files to a person or several people within seconds around the world and a response within seconds. Also the internet can use by a lot of

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