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1) Exporting is a developmental process that may be conceptualized either as a learning sequence or as export stages Before export our electronic- dictionary to Bolivia, Brazil is the only source for us to gain the exporting experience to South America. Building an export trade with Bolivia, not only does it expend our South America market, but also enrich our exporting practical knowledge. Therefore, it is a learning process and the second stage in exporting to South America. 2) The importance of various factors influencing export success depends on the stage that the company is in. Our company is a very mature enterprise that has very rich experiences in exporting area to various countries. Many factors that will influence our export, such as: custom, legal, political, language, currency, fiscal and standard. For example, our product is electronic – dictionary, in different countries we need to customized our product according to the local language, in our case, if we export electronic – dictionary to Bolivia, since the main language in Bolivia is Spanish, so the Spanish will be installed in our product. 3) Export profiles could be used by government agencies, by banks, by exports agents, to identify non-exporters with high potential for becoming exporters. As we mentioned before, our company is a very mature enterprise, our company export product to many countries and has a good export profiles and good reputation. We have a good business relationship with Brazil that could give us a reference to benefit our export process to

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