Internationalization at Harley-Davidson

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Case one: Worldcom The main issue of worldcom collapse was an accounting fraud. Which means that the company’s accountants made some improper accounting entries to give a picture of a growing company with a reliable, steadily rising income. Worldcom was founded in Clinton, Mississipi in 1984 by nine investors. One of the investors was Bernard J who was asked to take control of a company in difficulties. His strategy was to expend through aggressive acquisitions. In this case, we will answer some questions such as which functions of worldcom were the problem and discuss those problems, why following orders is not an excuse for breaking the law, what is Cynthia cooper doing after the fall of worldcom and what would have been another way to resolve the problem. Worldcom set world records for the largest company to ever go bankrupt, and for the largest accounting fraud. The top departments of the whole issue were the management and the accounting departments. The objective of managers is to maximize share holders values, the management department failed to fullfil investors goals . For example: Bernie Ebber was known as a hand-off manager with little concern for the integration of the companies he purchased. The employees and customers of the acquired companies remained segmented , and departments of the company, including the critical legal staff, were located in different cities and each office had its own policies and managerial style. However, we can mention a failure of not having a good business ethics policies. For instance, after worldcom collapse, Mr. Ebbers was recalled as saying that the project to write a code of ethics was “a colossal waste of time. All those failures ended up putting pressure on the accountants to make improper accounting entries to present a good image of the company. For instance, Mr Sullivan

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