International Trade Essay

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Mironde International Business Chpater5: Assignment on International Trade Theory. Mercantilism 1.) What is the main tenet of mercantilism? What is the rationale behind it? The main Tenet of mercantilism is that it is in the country’s best interest to maintain surplus, to export more that it imported. The rationale behind it is that the country will accumulated gold and silver and consequently, increase its national wealth, prestige and power. 2.) Explain the inconsistency pointed out by David Hume found in this theory. David Hume pointed out the inconsistency in the mercantilist doctrine as for example if England had a balance-of- trade surplus with France. The resulting inflow of gold and silver would swell the domestic money and supply and generate Inflation in England. However, France outflow of gold and silver would have the opposite effect. 3.) What is the flaw in one of the assumptions of mercantilism? The flaw in one of assumptions of mercantilism is that trade is viewed a Zero-sum game which is a gain in one country results in a loss by other country. 4.) What is the role of government in this theory? Government control of foreign trade is of paramount importance for ensuring the prosperity and security of the state. Absolute Advantage: 5.) Who is the main proponent of this theory? The main proponent of this theory is Adam Smith. 6.) According to this theory, when does a country have an absolute advantage? A country has an absolute advantage in production when it is more efficient than any other country in producing it. 7.) What products should a country focus on producing? The products that the country should focus on producing are the one that they have absolute advantage and then trade these for goods produced by other countries. For example: France should specialize in the production of Wine.
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