International Organizations Essay

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International organizations belong to the most advanced and various mechanisms of ordering international life. A noticeable increased activity of international organizations, as well as a significant increase in their total number is one of the most remarkable phenomena of modern international development. The emergence and growth of international organizations was an expression of regular processes of internationalization, integration, interlacing and interdependence. Accelerating globalization will lead to a further increase in the number of international organizations. For centuries, people exchanged information and experiences in different ways. Cooperation between countries, academics and professional groups progressively developed over time, but by the early 20th century, it became clear that some issues can only be solved together. According to the Union of International Associations in 1998. there were 6020 international organizations; over the past two decades, the total number has doubled. International organizations are usually divided into two main groups: 1) Intergovernmental organization. IGOs are established by an international treaty by group of States, in the framework of these organizations is carried out the interaction of member countries and their operation is based on bringing to a common denominator of the foreign policy of the participants on the issues which are the subject of the respective organizations. 2) International non-governmental organizations do not arise on the basis of an agreement between the states, and by combining the physical and / and legal entities whose activities are performed outside the official foreign policy of states. It is clear that intergovernmental organizations have a major impact on the international political development. However there is quite noticeably effect of non-governmental organizations on the

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