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The Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes The purpose is to provide a general survey of the practice among States of the peaceful settlement of international disputes. The survey reflects the variety of instruments for peaceful settlement, including negotiation, conciliation and commissions of inquiry. Care is taken to indicate the quantitative significance of the inter-State arbitration in relation to the use of standing international tribunals, such as the International Court of Justice. The analytical commentary includes discussion of the typology of disputes and the comparative merits of arbitration and the process of adjudication in the International Court. 1. It is logical to begin by asking what purposes international law serves. In a general way, international law provides the practical rounding out of the principles of peaceful co-existence. International law provides the criteria for the identification of States and organizations of States, and of the nationality of individuals and legal entities. International law provides the definition of the political and territorial limits and the jurisdiction of States, and also their immunities from jurisdiction. International law also provides the basis of the civil responsibility of States for breaches of international law, together with the appropriate remedies. And lastly international law provides the principles and modalities governing the peaceful settlement of disputes between States. 2. And before I move into my subject, I would point out the anomaly to be found in a number of academic handbooks, that is to say, the absence of an adequate treatment of the subject of peaceful settlement. This is a pity because, although international law is a relatively weak system and it is often difficult to obtain a peaceful resolution of a dispute, there is in fact a regular pattern of peaceful settlement

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