International Marketing Of Farmer Brand Jeans Essay

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International Marketing of Farmer Brand Jeans into France May 25, 2011 Abstract As the domestic market becomes more saturated, global markets are the most logical area for growing my business. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can frustrate first-time exporters. Intricacies related to culture, language, business practices, import duties, competition and import regulations can stop your company at the initial stages of expansion into foreign markets. With a focused entry, however, we can avoid this initial frustration and maximize the opportunity for repetitive business. Concentrating on entering one target country and promoting only one product to brings more direction to our initial market entry. I have a chosen a product for which there seems to be a market. Paris is the fashion capital of the world. T-shirts, jeans and various jacket styles are definitely more common in France than ever before. There is however, as in anything Parisian, certain flair in how they wear it. My French Farmer Brand Jeans will have that Parisian flair. My Farmer Brand jeans will have different styles: boot cut jeans: these will be flattering on any body type, but they're best for pear shapes because the slightly flared hems minimizes thighs and balances out a wide hip or behind. Skinny jeans; Girls with boyish figures will choose skinny jeans because the slender cut at the calves makes hips look wider and adds curves to a flat behind. Trouser Jeans: People with short legs will get the illusion of long legs with trouser jeans, which has a higher waist that provides a longer vertical line. Relaxed fit. Relaxed-fit jeans, which are loosely cut from waist to leg opening, will be great for heavier men. Straight cut. Straight-leg

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