International Marketing- A concern Essay

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When you say ‘India in International marketing Scenario’, one could interpret it in the following ways , 1. India as a market for International Companies 2. Indian companies in the Global Market. I would like to elaborate on the first point mentioned above. India as a market for International Companies: You will agree with me that the success of any product or brand depends on the positioning of the same in the market. It is imperative to understand the target customers, their likes and dislikes, etc. As far as International companies are concerned some of them have failed and some of them have done well. One can learn from the success of the COLA companies and the failure of McDonalds which faces fierce competition from many good Vada Pav Centers in Bombay. You need to see the crowd at these Vada Pav centers to believe that it’s the same target segment of McDonalds. Most of the time the desi vada-pav beats the American Big Mac. With a population of more than one billion, this country is a huge market for many International giants, provided they strike the right chord, as Coco-Cola did with the Amir Khan Series of Ads. The marketer in India must accept the fact that the package is not full of gold & silver, he has to carry his share of shit too. It is a must to know, how to deal with variety and adversities, for example lack of infrastructure in rural India. This market provides real challenges and therefore hardcore preparation is must because competition spins out the

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