International Marketing Communications Essay

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Assignment # 4 International Marketing Communications By: Jeffrey W. Eldridge International Marketing – MKT505 Section 003016*201005 August 29, 2010 Instructor: Dr. Deborah Hill School: Strayer University The Product Celazone Inc. has developed a new product line in the United States aimed at middle-aged women. The signature product is an anti-ageing cream, which provides free radical defense, moisture and nourishment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for all skin types. Also in the product line is lipstick and lip-gloss containing collagen formulations designed to give the appearance of fuller, younger-looking lips. Facial products account for the bulk of anti-aging sales, but hand and body lotions are also featuring skin brighteners, firming agents, and cellulite reducers with anti-aging effects. Celazone has added these products to the product line as well and has projected these products will have some of the highest growth rates in the next five years. These formulas are becoming more readily available at a variety of price points, from department store brands like Channel’s Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lip Shine to lower-end brands like Rimmel's Volume Boost Lipstick. The product, Celazone Restorative Treatment Cream, has been marketed in the United States with great success. Management now would like to take Celazone Restorative Treatment Cream to the global market and has decided to test launches in the United Kingdom and China. The United Kingdom The United Kingdom market is one of the most progressive and dynamic in western Europe The United Kingdom is set for significant growth in the future as consumers buy into increasingly complex anti-aging formulations as part of their daily skin care routine, targeting wrinkles and lips. “The market for skin care products in

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