International Marketing Essay

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In order for a company to gain international success, they must successfully market their product internationally. A company that expands internationally without a strong marketing plan will more than likely fail. Each company must have marketing strategy prior to expanding their business internationally. A functional marketing strategy will assist marketing managers to acquire information on the marketing mix, which includes; product attributes, distribution strategy, communication strategy and pricing strategy. Each country comes with it’s own marketing challenges and obstacles. What works well in one country, might be a failure in another country if the same marketing mix is used without consideration to the market segmentation. An important aspect of a marketing strategy requires a marketing segmentation, a company must be able to differentiate their products to represent the culture of the host country. Fast food restaurants must carefully consider all aspects of the targeted market in order to be successful. McDonalds is a well-known fast food restaurant all over the world and they are very successful due to their market strategy and how well they adapt to the segmentation of each country they operate in. “McDonald’s products are standard in all franchises. However, the company adjusts to culinary differences in various cultures .” In the case of India, McDonalds offers vegetarian burgers to practicing Buddhists who are not permitted to consuming beef products because of religious believes. McDonalds was able to take their services to India by changing their products to the market demand. Beef products are not in demand in India, and if McDonalds served beef patties in India they would have been unsuccessful. Changing the product to better serve the market demand affects the price. McDonalds will not be able to sell any of their products if the price did not

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