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International Marketing Essay

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Below is an essay on "International Marketing" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This essay is going to provide a comprehensive discussion using both theory and examples in practice on why ‘it is not wise, or a good idea, for companies to expect to be able to transfer their marketing strategy overseas without change’

Firstly it is not wise to do so because it is important that as managers of international organizations they must identify that marketing overseas ought to be considered as a separate focus in terms of how they distinguish their strategy and planning. It is not wise for companies to expect to be able to transfer their marketing overseas without change, because different markets across the world are often subject to many different climates and influences. These market considerations are very important when shaping a plan of entry into a different country, some which can be very dissimilar to that in the home marketplace. A reason why companies are so successful in penetrating those markets are not only are they able to demonstrate an understanding of the similarities between the home market and another specific country, they are able to demonstrate that they know there are differences that are present as Bradley (2002, p87) describes ‘there is a sheer complexity of the market considerations that impinge on the analysis, development of strategy and the implementation of international marketing planning and it provides a major challenge’. Doole et al (1998) describe that there are various approaches to being able to analyse the international environment. One such approach is the SLEPT approach which analyses the market in terms of social, Legal, Economic, Political and Technological influences. This amount of planning can distinguish the level of marketing activities that are required or even whether or not it would be viable or sustainable to enter it at all.

The work of Doole et al (1998) illustrate that the SLEP T approach can be used in planning for two reasons, these being that with ‘legal’ factors taken into...

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