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International Market Selection Essay

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Below is an essay on "International Market Selection" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Replacing intuition with a multidimensional framework to select a short-list of countries

A doctoral dissertation

Richard R. Gould

R M I T University Faculty of Constructed Environment School of Social Science & Planning GPO Box 2476V Melbourne Vic 3001 Australia

Email: RichardGould@ozemail.com.au Richard_Gould_1@hotmail.com

August, 2002



This is to certify that this work:

1) 2)

is that of the candidate alone, except where acknowledged; has not been submitted previously, in whole or part, to qualify for any other academic award;


is the result of work which has been carried out since the official commencement date of the doctoral research programme, initially at Deakin University then at RMIT University, and


has not benefited from paid or unpaid editorial contributions other than those of my supervisor.

............................... R. R. Gould


The topic originated from managing export consultants in the Australian Trade Commission. It then developed into a strong, long-term personal interest when enquiries to other Trade Commissions, then a formal review of the literature, showed that this very practical question had not been adequately answered.

An addiction such as this embroils both willing and unwitting assistance from many people and organisations.

In the academic area, my supervisor Associate Professor Mark McGillivray has been my mentor, collaborator and guide. His intellectual input on conceptual matters, his advice about methodology and statistics, and his help interpreting unexpected findings have been substantial. I deeply appreciate his assistance.

Associate Professor Lloyd Russow of Philadelphia University requires mention for his important advice at distance, he being the previous contributor to this area of knowledge.

At a personal level, my marital partner, Magda, has been a most visible...

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