International Legal and Ethical Issues

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International Legal and Ethical Issues Team C September 24, 2008 The most important material conflict that occurred with CadMex Pharma was when Gentura broke their contract and wanted to start to distribute the life-saving drug to help stop the viral outbreak that had begun in Candor. The legal aspect of it was that CadMex had a huge stake in the bottom line and by Gentura wanting to allow distributing the medicine at a subsidized price and to whomever was available to dole it out; CadMex could run the risk of losing a lot of profit from it. The ethical aspect of the issue is that if CadMex did not allow this than they run the risk of letting innocent lives die and ruining their name. After, a few changes, CadMex had allowed the drug to be distributed only after they said to allow them a shared marketing stake with another drug to help fill in the loss of profit CadMex would receive by allowing the medicine, ViroBlast, to be distributed at a subsidized price. Because of the initial breach, this caused a series of further events that then threatened the original plan of how the partnership was to go and who would retain the patent of the drug. Legally, CadMex had a right to sue for breach of contract and so on and so forth from what was said previously. Ethically, however, they should allow for innocent lives to be saved and because they are in a host country, they need to do whatever it takes to make sure that international relations are not affected by any negative publicity. We would solve this issue by installing a utilitarian style of ethics to follow. Utilitarianism is to choose the actions or follow the rules that produce the most good in society. In this case CadMex should have immediately said okay to the subsidized price, negotiated a new share in another marketable drug with Gentura, and showed to the People of Candor that they truly cared for the
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