International Legal And Ethical Simulation Summary

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International Legal and Ethical Simulation Summary Law/421 October 18, 2012 International Legal and Ethical Simulation Summary According to the simulation it will be addressing international legal and ethical issues in January 2007 CardMex developed a technique for manufacturing some medical agent rapidly. Gentura developed an anti-diabetic agent called ProPrez. The two companies deiced to go into business. This partnership will allow CardMex to expand to the global market. One of the main objectives of the simulation was addressing some of the potential legal and ethic issues resulting from such a partnership. While developing a contract that meet each company needs and offered protection to property rights and potential disputes. In working through the simulation some of the issues involved with working with foreign business are the legal system. An organization dealing with legal issue in a foreign court run the tendency of the case reviewed quickly resulting in facts being overlooked. Another issue is the difference is two countries law what is able to stand-up as proof…show more content…
Special consideration was given pertaining to legal action because CardMex was operating in a foreign country. If local customs and laws conflict with the foreign organization operation the local law and customs should prevail because the contract based from there. For example, the United States does business with China. If the United States companies have uniforms, but they are operating out of China and the Chinese want to wear the traditional attired to work. If there is an issue the Chinese should win because the United States are operating out of China, and it is a part of their cultural. The United States assumed that risk when entering into that agreement with
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