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LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT DESKBOOK INTERNATIONAL AND OPERATIONAL LAW DEPARTMENT The United States Army Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School Charlottesville, VA 2012 International Law Private Law (conflict of laws, commercial) Public Law (intergovernmental) Law of War Law of Peace Conflict Management Jus ad Bellum Rules of Hostilities Jus in Bello U.N. Charter Hague Conventions Arms Control Geneva Conventions Customary Law Customary Law INTERNATIONAL AND OPERATIONAL LAW DEPARTMENT THE JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL’S LEGAL CENTER AND SCHOOL, U.S. ARMY CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT DESKBOOK Authors LTC Richard P. DiMeglio, JA, USA MAJ Sean M. Condron, JA, USA Maj Owen B. Bishop, JA, USAF MAJ Gregory S. Musselman, JA, USA MAJ Todd L. Lindquist, JA, USA Maj Andrew D. Gillman, JA, USAF MAJ William J. Johnson, JA, USA MAJ Daniel E. Stigall, JA, USAR To all of the faculty who have served with and before us and contributed to the literature in the field of the Law of Armed Conflict Editors MAJ William J. Johnson & Maj Andrew D. Gillman Technical Support Ms. Terri Thorne MAJ Eric C. Husby 2012 PREFACE This Law of Armed Conflict Deskbook is intended to replace, in a single bound volume, similar individual outlines that had been distributed as part of the Judge Advocate Officer Graduate and Basic Courses and departmental short courses. Together with the Operational Law Handbook and Law of Armed Conflict Documentary Supplement, these three volumes represent a range of international and operational law subjects taught to military judge advocates. These outlines, while extensive, make no pretence of comprehensively covering this complex area of law. Our audience is the beginning and intermediate level practitioner; our hope is that this material

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