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International Law Definition: the rules and regulations that the states observe during their dealings with one another is known as ‘international law’. Different Views: Austin, Hobbes and Pufendorf are of the opinion that international law is a law of morality as it has no definite sanction to apply it. However, Hall and Lawrence maintain that international law is as much a law as any other, which is generally observed by the states, though, here and there, it may be disregarded by some just as any other ordinary law. a) if it were just a law enforced by morals, the states would throw all their strength in their foreign policy on moral agreement but that’s not what they do. They put in their efforts to look at it under the light of precedents, treaties, and opinions of the specialists. b) When the states break international law, they never deny its existence. Rather, they try to interpret it to justify their action, which in itself is proof of their regarding it as proper law. c) The international rules are applied by the International Court of Justice and the idea of sanction in the international law has been taking shape in the institution of United Nations. ‘International Law is the vanishing point of jurisprudence’: Holland Under the light of the above statement, an unbiased opinion will conclude i) the sanction of international law is the morality and the justice of the world. It is difficult to go against the well established norms and customs or strongly held views. The sanction behind international law is the conscience of the world. ii) Compulsion is not the only basis of sanction for a law. Justice and force are all the important reasons for the observance of law. According to Brierly, it is not the existence of a police force that makes the law strong and respected but the strength of law that makes the force

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