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1. Define international crime and describe how it differs from ordinary domestic crime. International crime is a vast term that refers to any crime punishable by a state with international origins or consequences, or a crime that is recognised as punishable by the international community. International crime can be split into two main categories. Crimes against the International Community – this refers to the most serious crimes that are acknowledged as punishable by the international community. An example of crimes against the international community is genocide. Transnational Crime – crimes that are planned or conducted across international borders. Human Trafficking is an example of a transnational crime. This is demonstrated in a recent media report published in the Daily Telegraph on 15th November 2011, investigating the transnational crime of drug transportation whereby the Australian Federal Police intercepted the international crime syndicate of not only drug smuggling but also money laundering, turning ‘black cash’ into ‘clean money.’ This organised crime is an indictable transnational offence that resulted in four Spanish men facing a life sentence after being caught in the fifth biggest cocaine bust in Australian history. This is one of the many transnational crimes that has recently been reported in the local newspapers, and there are many more that escape the press and media attention, but do not escape the serious consequences that are a result of such serious crimes. There are some circumstances whereby international law and domestic law intertwine, and this is recognised in the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth), whereby Australian legislators believe it is appropriate to punish crimes committed by Australian citizens while overseas, and the offender is liable not only under Australian domestic law but also under the foreign law if the act committed is a

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