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21. INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATION AND SOCIAL PROGRESS: CRITICAL REVIEW OF GLOBALISATION INDICATORS – 1 Chapter 21 International Integration and Societal Progress: A Critical Review of Globalisation Indicators Philippe de Lombaerdei Research Fellow, United Nations University (UNU-CRIS), Belgium P. Lelio Iapadreii Associate professor of international economics, University of L’Aquila, Italy Professorial lecturer of international economics, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Bologna Center, Italy Associate Research Fellow, United Nations University (UNU-CRIS), Belgium Notice of correction This chapter replaces Chapter 21, pages 327-331 of OECD (2008) Statistics, Knowledge and Policy 2007: Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies, OECD, Paris Abstract This paper presents a critical survey of different proposals to measure globalisation, from the perspective of a more general view of the relationship between international integration and societal progress. A higher degree of international integration can be seen in itself as an indicator of societal progress, inasmuch as it reveals that human societies more and more acknowledge their common destiny. In addition, international integration fosters the provision of essential ingredients of societal progress, such as trans-national public goods and economic growth. The available composite indicators of globalisation, although going beyond the limits of a purely economic definition of international integration, fail to perform adequately their task for a variety of conceptual and methodological reasons. A promising alternative is based on the recognition that the scope of international integration is not necessarily global, as cross-border interactions among human societies are often limited in their geographic reach. A new generation of statistical indicators is therefore being developed, in order to clearly

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