International Human Resources Essay

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Pre-departure training can have many different components that should include general awareness of the culture preliminary visits, basic language skills, assistance with day to day matters and security briefings. Training is used to improve the employee’s current knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is performed for a short term and it is focused on some specific job or task. It is important to include spouses and dependents, as well as the expatriate. Cultural awareness refers to the ability to remain open to the idea of changing attitudes about global cultures and ways of living. Cultural awareness has a big impact on communication, and when not properly addressed, it leads to its breakdown. The concept is often used in the business field, although it arises during any inter-cultural activity. Cultural awareness implies to being open to the idea of changing cultural attitudes. It is important as it is a way to help members of a multicultural team identify where things may be going wrong to best leverage their differences. Without some sort of formal cross cultural awareness training it is difficult for multicultural teams to identify areas that need attention. The ability to navigate cross-cultural differences in order to communicate effectively is a key determinant of international business success. All aspects of business, including relationship building and problem-solving, are impacted by culture. Cross-Cultural Training has become a standard component in the talent management and development strategies of many leading organizations. Understanding different cultural interactions and business styles enhances team cohesiveness and effectiveness across all corporate functions from sales to procurement, technology, and support services. In the rapidly expanding and changing global marketplace, business leaders are being asked to do more with less support,
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