International Global And Domestic Business Essay

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Running head: International, Global, and Domestic Business International, Global, and Domestic Business International, Global, and Domestic Business Being a manager of a security company in greater Atlanta area in Georgia, there are many contracts with a diverse type of businesses all over and beyond the state that need to be renegotiated every month. These negotiations, includes things like, what the business expected of the security company in regards to security protection, job duties, man hours needed, and the payment for the duties. After a new company has agrees and signed a contract, the contract will be reviewed with six months intervals. After the contract is signet it is the manager’s job to ensure that the personnel assigned to the new client are professional, properly trained and equipped officers so they can perform the assigned job duties adequate. While managing of a private security company do seems to have a little or no direct impact on international or global business, it will still affects the economy and labor situation in each country working in, and at the same time safety and security of each. The question is asked; how the local contract security company can affect international/ global business and domestic businesses. This will be done because the head offices is located in Atlanta Georgia, and the company have business all over the US, and by that have interest beyond the state borders. This also means that many of the managers will have a less direct contract with customers, mid management and the security officers on the different locations, since most contact will be by phone or email. If not careful the level of safety and security will over time diminish because officers is not being supervised constantly which will lead to misinterpretations, and lack of clarifications, and depending on where the company have

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