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Summary This report analyses the general business plan of the search engine company of Google. The main aim for presenting an evaluation of Google is to attract more clients, investors and business partners. Google is a multinational company which conducts their business in many areas. The e-business of Google performs very well in past decade which leads it become the world’s biggest search engine. Google makes lots of profits form the world every year. This report will analyse Google’s business model, revenue model, marketing strategy and marketing approach, financial performance, competitor analysis and behaviour and pricing policy. The research method used is observation method and the approach is mixed research approach. The report concludes by hoping that Google can perform better and make more profits in the search engine industry in the future. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Background 1 3. Analysis of Google 2 3.1 Business model 2 3.2 Revenue model 3 3.3 Marketing strategy and marketing approach 4 3.4 Financial performance 5 3.5 Competitor analysis and behaviour 6 3.6 Pricing policy 8 4. Methodology 8 5. Conclusions 9 6. Recommendations 10 7. References 11 8. Appendices 13 Appendix1 13 Appendix2 14 1. Introduction International e-business industry has developed very fast in recent years. International e-business is doing business on the internet (Hinkelman and Putzi, 2005). It includes the purchasing and selling of goods and services, providing services for customers and communicating with business partners through the internet. Compared with e-commerce, there are some differences. E-business refers to internet business, but it can also refer to any business which intends to improve productivity and profits through internet. As a business consultant, evaluating a company’s performance is a significant

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