International Dimensions of Human Resources Management

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Influential Factors on MNC Organizational Structure In the following passage the topic of factors that influence how an MNC selects Organizational structure. While it is said that there are many different factors that contribute to how Multinational Companies select organizational structures, the three that will be discussed in the following pages are strategy, organizational environment and technology. The first factor that has an influence on the selection of an Organizational Structure would be strategy. [1] Strategy determines how an organization is going to situates itself in the market in terms of products that it produces. There are two basic types of strategy to take into account, the first one is differentiation and the other one is cost-leadership. Differentiation strategy can be defined as: when an organization wants to have the newest and best product and technology. Cost-leadership strategy can be defined as: when the cooperation produces goods that are already on the market but is more cost effective and more efficient. Either structure can be used to assist an organization to reach its project goals. Organizations should implement a design that assembles around the organization mission statement. An organizations mission statement is more than just simply a marketing stratagem placed on the organizations pamphlets; it should recapitulate the beliefs of the company and the manner in which the company wants its customers and vendors to distinguish it. The organization must compile a mission statement that the entire company can understand, and then incite managers and executives to enforce the mission statement put out by the organization each day. A company that is amalgamated behind a single vision of the policy is better habituated to maintain a healthy organizational structure. Corporate priorities can at times decree an organizational
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