International Communication Essay

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Advertising is the practise of creating increased awareness and recognition of a particular brand or product and utilises media such as newspapers, television, billboards, magazines, internet pop-ups and radio to name a few. It has the ability to educate the masses and even sway their opinion on brand x by targeting a particular demographic depending on the media used. Advertising has grown in to a multi billion dollar industry and an integral part of social communication. Advertisements are placed in newspapers, magazines, schools and on billboards everywhere. Advertising is giving the general public information about new goods and trying to increase overall awareness. It is supposed to be a significant way of getting the point across about a product and create motivation. Advertising has become one of the great vehicles of social communication. Since the age of ancient Egyptians with their papyrus posters, advertising has become an important part of society which has spread through newspapers, radio advertising, television commercials and even Google recommendations. With a new markets and brands being formed and disbanded every day, advertising is societies way of informing the public of new brands that will cater to different people. Advertising is most effective when it is made suitable for its target audience as often different demographics will not be swayed by the same opinions or marketing strategies. By focussing the advertisement to a particular group it is sometimes more effective when compared to catering to a broader audience and can be evidenced by different marketing strategies on a global scale due to culture shock. Advertising is with us all the time, whenever we open a news paper or a magazine, turn on the TV or on buildings we are confronted with advertisements. Most of them will be of the type of “commercial advertising” which
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