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This report has been written assessing The Qantas Groups International Business Strategy; TABLE OF CONTENTS P. NO. TITLE 1.Introduction 1.Background and International Operations 2.Portfolio and Strategy 3.Qantas International Transformation 4.Growth in Asia 5.Conclusion 5.Bibliography INTRODUCTION Through this report I will assess The Qantas Group International Strategy. The main area’s I will focus on will be the company’s background (Qantas and Jetstar) both on a Domestic and International scale, the organisation’s portfolio and strategy, five year plan (international transformation) and growth in Asia, before finally providing my own assessment and recommendations. BACKGROUND AND INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS Qantas, an acronym for ‘Queensland’s and Northern Territories Aerial Services’ is Australia’s chief and number one international airline. Based at Sydney Airport, New South Wales and founded in 1920 it is the second oldest international airline after KLM still in operation. It holds 65% share of the domestic market within Australia, as well as a 19% share of those travelling in and out of the country. Qantas first began operating internationally in 1935 when the airline began servicing trips between Darwin and Singapore. The low-cost airline Jetstar is also part of the Qantas group having been established in 2003 and is Australia’s number 1 low-cost airline. Qantas Group currently flies to 65 domestic and 27 international destinations across the world, including Argentina, France, Canada, Bahamas, Japan, United Kingdom Zimbabwe and flightseeing trips to Antarctica which began in 1977. PORTFOLIO AND STRATEGY ‘The Qantas Group has a broad portfolio and a clearly defined strategy, with the following core goals’: Build on the Group’s strong domestic businesses through a clear focus on the customer. Turn around Qantas International through

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