International Business Strategy Essay

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY BURGER KING MALAYSIA Table of Contents INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY 1 BURGER KING MALAYSIA 1 ABSTRACT 2 PART I. INTRODUCING BURGER KING 2 COMPANY’S VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT 3 PART II. BUSINESS ANALYSIS OF THE COMPANY 3 FAST FOOD INDUSTRY 3 BK MARKET ENTRY METHOD: FRANCHISING AS A MEANS OF ENTERING MALAYSIAN MARKET 4 MARKETING STRATEGIES 5 Diversification/Differentiation 5 Second-Mover Strategy 5 Localization Strategy 5 Aggressive Advertising and Promotional Strategies 6 Market development 6 BURGER KING ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 6 BURGER KING DIFFICULTIES IN THE MARKET 7 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS 8 Kentucky Fried Chicken 8 McDonald’s 8 Nando’s 8 Carl’s Jr. 9 BURGER KING MALAYSIA FUTURE PLANS 9 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 10 REFERENCES 11 ABSTRACT As countries experience economic growth and consumers dedicate more time towards their jobs and less time on cooking, fast food industry becomes one of the most profitable businesses across the globe. Several prominent fast food companies, the majority of which are originated from the United States, use this opportunity towards their benefit by expanding worldwide, offering franchise opportunities in the countries that they see with potential. In this paper, we will analyze one of the well-known brands in fast food industry – Burger King, and its strategies of entering foreign markets, focusing on Malaysian market. We will further discuss the company’s business aspects such as its operational and marketing strategies; towards the end, we will draw our conclusions and recommendations on how the company can improve its current performances and correct some of its prominent mistakes. PART I. INTRODUCING BURGER KING "There are only two things our customers have, time and money - and they don't like spending either one of them, so we better sell them
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