International Business Level 3 Unit 9 P1 Oxfam

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P1 Oxfam Oxfam is a charity organisation that works for no profit, Oxfam was founded in 1942 in Oxfordshire during World War 2 and they are an international charity which includes 17 organisations who work with them. Oxfam is a global organisation which work with approximately 98 countries one of the main reasons of this organisation to get started was because in between the World War 2 there was a lot of destruction so a committee got together and built a service which will provide for the people in need. Oxfam is an international business right now but it wasn’t always international, Oxfam was formed internationally in 1995 by a group of independent people it was a non-governmental organisation. Their major aim to work with in the international…show more content…
Oxfam has got shops as well which they can sell some of the products which some people have donated them and the money they receive will go to charity so they have their own supply chain. Oxfam is an international charity, in their there are 14 major organisations who are the trustees of this charity, they are working in around 98 countries worldwide and finding out ways which they can remove poverty and injustice from countries. So you can also say that it is owned by many people because they are a lot of people who would individually volunteering them like in their shops, helping them raise funds etc. Oxfam’s trustees are responsible for its assets, activities and law for the charity. The trustees are the governing body of the association of Oxfam who are not for profit limited-liability Company; they are there for the responsibilities of this large charity. Oxfam also has a CEO and directors. Drayton Manor theme…show more content…
One of the major reasons of Drayton manor to stay local is that it would be hard for them to build another Drayton manor they would rather improve this one, as to build a theme park you need a lot of finances and in UK there aren’t any theme parks who have their branches anywhere else there are only singular theme parks not like America where they have six flags in different parts of America. The person responsible for Drayton manor is the CEO and Managing Director of Drayton manor is Colin Bryan who is the son of George Bryan who originally bought the land where they slowly built Drayton manor theme park and other things in that land, Drayton manor is a family so when George Bryan passes away the Drayton manor theme park was rightfully was given to his

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