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Being in a company that requires overseas international business can be a very stressful and complex process. As a member in the U.S Armed services, I have also had more than my fair share of incidents regarding other cultures and business. Ryan was doomed from the very beginning. It is well demonstrated that sending associates overseas without any cultural awareness training, or general dos and don’ts, despite how professional the associate is, can be a difficult experience. There are numerous cultures, Japan being a very cultural country, that take great insult in regards to certain matters. Unlike companies in the United States, where companies tend to differentiate from work and personal insults. Japan’s culture goes hand and hand. As someone who spent a little time in the pacific to include Japan, it all starts with the greeting. Those in charge need to remain in charge. Meaning, placing the senior executive in a chair closest to the door and not near the head of the table, is equivalent to placing your dog at the head of your dinner table and you eating from the dog bowl. Instantly will close all respect for an individual, in this case Ryan, and stop production in an instant. There can be blame placed from Darcy, the COO, Natalie the supervisor, Ryan the associate and even Hisa, Cho and Ami, could also be to blame. Reasons why I will list in the following pages. Based on the Consequential Theories of Ethics, where it emphasizes the consequences or results of behavior. It suggest that the consequences of an action determine whether it is right or wrong. Good is the ultimate moral value, and we should maximize good efforts for the greatest number of people. Right actions don’t always produce good consequences and good consequences don’t always follow right actions. This being said, this theory doesn’t always work out for the better good. Being in corporate

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