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Garuda Education Academy KI DLY REMOVE PRI TOUT FOR HOW MA Y EVER SUBJECTS YOU ARE APPEARI G(IMPORTA T) I FO TO BE FILLED BY STUDE TS FOR ALL SUBJECTS:- STUDE T AME E ROLLME T O. PROGRAM AME SUBJECT AME SUBMISSIO DATE Points to be noted:If you do not send this along with your exams papers your answer paper will not be corrected. There is no minimum no. of words for any answer. If you answer the question correctly in less no. of words you will still get full marks. The maximum no. of words for any answer is 100 times the marks for that question (E.g. A 2 marks question should be answered in less than 200 words and 10 marks question in less than 1000 words) If you answer a 2 marks question in more than 200 words, the faculty will read only the first 200 words to give you marks and the first 500 words (100 times 5) to give you marks for a 5 mark question and so on. Answer should be written in clear & simple language using bullet points & paragraph structure to put your points across. For Institute Use only PAPER RECEIVED DATE MARKS OBTAI ED TOTAL MARKS OUT OF Note :-All students shall sign the following pledge on each assignment and sheet: examination answer “I have not violated the Institute Honor Code during this assignment/examination.” All GEA community members pledge to report known violations of the GEA Honor Code. Signature _________________________ Garuda Education Academy MARKS: 80 SUB: N.B.: 1) 2) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Attempt any Four cases All cases carry equal marks. NO. 1 International Case : Woman CEO Manages by the Textbook The demand for managers with an international background is great. Consider Marisa Bellisario who was one of the most sought-after executives in Europe. She was the first woman to head a major industrial firm in Italy, the state – controlled ITALTEL Societa Italiana. This company is the

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