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The cultural differences that are affecting the current management and organizations are marketing, human resources, production, and preferred leadership styles. Marketing affects cultures worldwide and requires firms to use different marketing mixes in different markets. “The closer the marketer can come to understanding how potential purchasers in the target market give meaning to what occurs in their worlds and how they think their worlds should be (Geringer, Minor, & McNett, 2012)”. One of the biggest problems with marketing is developing a strategy without cultural misunderstandings. “Through errors, the ability to learn the importance of understanding their markets, even through aquiring knowledge about a new culture is both time-consuming and expensive (Geringer, Minor, & McNett, 2012)”. It is the differences of our cultures that we need extensive marketing research to help us from unintentionally offending anyone. The next cultural difference is the human resource department. Human resources play a “ sociocultural key role in motivation and evaluation of emloyess, where in some culturals individual effort is awarded, while in others, group effort is highly valued (Geringer, Minor, & McNett, 2012)”. Here in America, majority of American’s prefer to work on an individual basis thinking their actions will help them exceed in the workplace. In Asia, the majority of workers feel comfortable working in teams or groups rather than as individuals. “Americans who are expected to be promoted based on their accomplishments rather than their schooling, where in Great Britain family background plays a significant process (Geringer, Minor, & McNett, 2012)”. The third cultural difference is production. “ Production managers have found that attitudes toward change can seriously influence the acceptance of new production metheods (Geringer, Minor,

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