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BUSA 7130 – A (CRN 85711) International Business Fall 2011 COBA 2241 Dr. Greg Brock Office: 3322 COBA Phone: 478-5579, E-mail (best): Class Hours: 6:00-8:45p.m., W Office Hours: T, 3:30-4.45p.m. or by appointment. COURSE DESCRIPTION Understanding the business environment and the global economy confronting international business managers by mastering the learning objectives found in the text is the overall goal of the course. Attendance is essential. By actively participating in class and following the learning objectives you will develop an appreciation of business issues both in theory and practice that will help you both with the group case study and in years to come as you join the international business community. Regional issues will be featured this year. REQUIRED READINGS Text: International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace, 8E, Charles W. L. Hill. Selected Readings and powerpoints on “K:\brockINTBUS” drive in Coba – free to download on your flashdrive or email to yourself. The course will NOT use GeorgiaView. GRADES Your course grade will be determined by the score you receive on the following: 1. Class attendance and participation 10% 2. Midterm Exam 30% 3. Final Exam 30% 4. Individual Case studies (due by Oct. 4) 10% 5. Group Case study 20% Each of the five items will receive a grade out of 100 points and then will be weighted by the percentages above at the end of the semester in computing a final grade. Letter grades will be assigned based on a 89.5% and higher = A, 79.5% and higher = B, etc. FINAL EXAM: Dec. 14, same room, 6.00p.m. Note: On the Web, this time has been posted many months before the

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