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"Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.’’ Peter Drucker.(This quote spiraled interest in me ever since I came across this when I was studying business at GCSE, that’s when curiosity pushed me to do further research to consider business as a career option and the business review journals heightened my drive to study. My mother who works in one of the top network marketing business all communication network, recommended the book ‘Go pro’ by Eric Worre, an expert in MLM- this gave me an insight into network marketing. It allowed to me to the application of business in an actual job. I was intrigued at the different aspects that make up the business so I attended various training sessions with my mother, the experience was phenomenal. They covered topics like, motivation, mindset, presenting, teambuilding, leadership and linked it to business. Seek something new/thrill- new experiences (challenge- cliff climbing, leap of faith, rock climbing) My fascination to work in the international spheres grew exponentially as i took a tour around Europe to fulfill my passion in travelling. What striked me most was the visit to Brussels to see the European parliament. The influence the parliament has on international institutions is interesting. Specific interest in south korean culture, music, drama, language This led me on to take the opportunity to do work experience at my council, shadowing the government workers in the housing department allowed me to see how they budget and manage the borough. I attended many meeting and had the chance to talk to different people regarding different situations they were in. Loved the idea of meeting new people and I can seee myself in a career which enables me to meet new people and see new places International- Brussels- European

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