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Hamadn WRIT-003-03 1 Aug 2013 Canada's International Education Does Canada need to improve its advertising to get more international students? From 2007 to 2012, funding for Canada’s international education strategy was $1 million in each year. Now, the latest federal budget of March 2013 “directs $10 million over the next two years” for marketing Canada’s education brand in hopes of attracting more foreign students into the country’s post-secondary institutions (Kofmel 1). This increased investment targeted toward the recruitment of foreign students will allow Canada to address some of its current problems, to achieve benefits in different domains, and to fund key strategies needed to give the country competitive edge against other nation who are also trying to attract more international students. First, Canada has several problems which need to be resolved. First, people are aging. For example, according to kemale pinar, an international education consultant in Minneapolis" this is a country that does not really grow. The population is aging. So there is a need to fill the seats with international students, and there also are workplace needs"( Dessoff). Also, the universities in Canada face some difficult to fill university. Program because people is low in Canada. Second, Canada needs more international students. For instance, Canada should facilitate to get visa to allow for international students studying in Canada. In conclusion, the problems had better to be helped by encouraging more for international students. Secondly, Canada will get many benefits from the presence of foreign students. First, Canada can increase the revenue which comes from foreign students. For example, international students spend a lot of money to buy books and food and to pay for a place to

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