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Critical Analysis of International Students of Australia Universities Introduction Australia has been highly favored by overseas students as the studying national, and as the country's fourth largest economic development pillar industries, the international education plays an important role in the Australia economy. As the development of the international education in America, Canada as well as the England, the number of international students in Australia drops for a period of time. As we all know, by attracting more international students the Universities will be better places to learn, as a result, the Australian Universities need to develop innovative programs, resources, and facilities in order to attract more international students. In this essay, the author will focus on what the Australian Universities should do to attract more international students in order to create the better places to learn. First, the author will give the introduction of the background of this case. In addition, there will be a detail discussion about what factors can help the Australian Universities attract the international students. What’s more, the author will describe the reason why the Australian Universities need more international students and how can it help to create a better place to learn. Last but not least, the author will give a conclusion about this topic. (Bradley D. 2011) Discussion 1. How the Australian Universities attract the international students? As the rapid development of American, Canadian, England as well as lots of European countries’ international education projects, Australia should take more actions in order to attract more international students in the fierce competition. 1.1 Improve the quality of education Nowadays, more and more students as well as their parents pay the most attention on the education quality but not other

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