Internation Marketing Essay

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Marketing is the process or an activity by the individuals or groups in exchanging their offers and values for costumers and clients. The definitions of marketing are different for different circumstances, but the correct definition is that one which gives the significance to the costumer. Costumers are the key to success in terms of marketing. The satisfaction of costumer needs and requirements considered as the marketing according to the Chartered Institute of Management. Marketing is also the exchanging of wants and needs by individuals or groups (Philip Kotler). Marketing is also defined as the products delivered should be in the right price, right time and right place (Dennis Adcock). International marketing relates to the application of marketing values around the world. There are differences between global marketing and the international marketing, though they are interchangeable. Discussion The decisions taken in international marketing also involves the firm related to marketing outside the country. It involves manufacturing facilities to be established around the globe (Bennett, 2002). The people who do marketing bring the great understanding of the structure of international market. They have just not to focus on their technical skills but also the good understanding of marketing structure is necessary. There is a well known term in marketing and that term is segmentation. When the segmentation costs are low then the return should be high. If we take the example of the soap, there are different varieties of soaps are available in the market with different fragrance, shape and colors. The brands of these soaps are showing different benefits over each other. There are also emerging markets. The emerging markets are those which are showing rapid development such as India and China (Bennett, 2002). Marketing concepts The basic concept behind the

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