Internat Tools at Dirt Bikes Essay

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Dirt Bikes can benefit from a variety of internet tools and technology to streamline communication and gather information more efficiently. By expanding upon the already established internet infrastructure already in place Dirt Bikes and its employees could benefit from wireless access and conduct business on the go while staying in communication with the office. Integrating new tools to ensure secure and more streamlined inter-department communications will cut back on costs while keeping Dirt Bikes on the cutting end and in tune with their consumers. The following recommendations and suggestions will give some options on the direction in which Dirt Bikes could pursue in order to operate more efficiently. The first upgrade Dirt Bikes would benefit from is creating and maintaining intranets to communicate between departments faster and more efficiently. By linking sales and marketing to the same intranets and databases the marketing department would be able to know what the new products are, what product has been moving well and what products need better marketing to get them moving off the floor. By knowing what is going on in the sales department, marketing can more accurately creating advertising for those products and where to target that advertising. On the other side of that equation, knowing how the marketing is advertising and where, the sales department knows what products to request from the production side of the company. An intranet dedicated to manufacturing and production will foster faster communication, so that if there is a problem fitting parts in production the manufacturing line can adjust and ensure that parts fit together properly in the production lines. At the same time knowing what is selling the production lines and manufacturing team know what to increase building to meet the demands of the consumer. Add in the human resources to the mix

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