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Abstract This paper will consider the topic of internal and external forces that affect the functions of management. In the paper the authors cite references and examples of how one organization faces the challenges and opportunities it faces in a changing business world. The company considered is Costco. The authors evaluate the internal and external forces of globalization, technology, innovation, diversity and ethics and how these forces affect the functions of management. The authors provide evidence of success and hard work towards achievement of proper direction for Costco’s business organization. Internal/External Factors Today’s management must navigate through a business world filled with new demands and challenges. Proper direction towards goal achievement despite challenges from internal and external forces requires guidance. The four functions of management that offer such direction and guidance are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. In today’s changing business world internal and external forces shape the direction management takes. The functions of management are affected by such forces as globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. The example of Costco will be considered. Costco uses the functions of management to face the challenges presented by internal and external forces. How each force affects the functions of management will now be considered. Globalization Globalization plays a tremendous role on the external forces that affect Costco as an organization. The Costco organization is effected immensely by the external forces of Globalization. In a business environment marked by globalization, the world seems to condense, and other businesses halfway around the world can apply as big an impact on a business as one right down the street. The world seems more compact by globalization. When businesses

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