Internal-Worth Vs. External-Worth Essay

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Internal-Worth vs. External-Worth When we see individuals wearing a certain type of clothing, certain connotations arise. Designer (brand name) clothing brings the preconceived notion of more than you may think. Non-designer clothing also brings certain thoughts about the individual that we make automatically into our heads without knowing it. I believe that there is a point in time where we actually believe that our internal worth is greater than the external worth. This is the opposite of many theories. Many of us like our internal selves. Wishing that our external selves will attract others to us, we shell out money and time perfecting and increasing our external worth. We get wrapped up into what types of clothing attracts more people and forget who we are. Thus our internal selves are modified into society’s mold. The importance of role models in today’s society is pivotal. The youth will mimic those whose lives seem more extravagant. We assume that those with that lifestyle have an abundance of people who find them attractive. Society strives on being likeable. We believe that designer brands sell clothing that when others see them; they will associate the clothing with an exciting lifestyle. They are selling you an assumption for $50 dollars per piece. When we believe that our personality is not being portrayed through our clothing we know it is because of our clothing. We begin to shop for clothing that best fits our personalities. Being very particular about what we want and don’t want, we surf threw several stores to find exactly what we desire. In our social setting we begin to look at others and change our minds about what lifestyle we want. We do not pay much attention to what we actually like in other clothing, but we pay more attention to their interactions with others. We see what gets results. As we begin to realize what get results, we go
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