Internal Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary Part of our organisation’s strategic planning process, is to improve employee’s safety and wellbeing in the workplace. A new occupation health and safety (OH&S) committee has been formed to carry out our organisation’s objectives by promoting awareness of OH&S issues and identifying areas of improvement in our workplace. The OH&S committee has prepared an internal marketing plan to undertake activities to reach our organisation’s objectives by the end of this financial year. An evaluation report of the OH&S campaign will be provided to senior management at this time. Background Information Over the past three years, our organisation currently has an average of 12 staff accidents and incidents being reported yearly, and our insurance premiums are currently over $35,000 per year. The OH&S committee’s intention is to improve employee’s safety and wellbeing in the workplace by promoting awareness of OH&S issues in our workplace, and indentify areas of improvement. Successful implementation of this would benefit our organisation by reducing workplace accidents in tern reducing our insurance premiums. It would also increase staff retention as employees will see management are improving workplace safety. Our previous internal marketing method of using brochures and articles in our company newsletter to inform staff about changes and developments to our OH&S have had limited success. I recommend that we use other communication strategies such as emails and staff meetings for our future OH&S internal marketing campaign as our employee research shows a majority of employees prefer these communication methods. Objective Our objective for carrying out this internal marketing plan is to reduce our insurance premiums, improve our workplace safety record and improve employees’ safety and wellbeing by reducing accidents and incidents in our
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