Internal Marketing Essay

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SEMINAR ON CONTEMPRARY ISSUES IN MARKETING TOPIC : INTERNAL MARKETING PRESENTED BY : NITIN NAGAR REGISTERATION NO. : INTRODUCTION Motivating staff to change their behaviours and thinking to achieve organisational goals is important.The best way to do this is through internal marketing, using the same persuasive methods of communication that companies employ to market products and services externally. In effect, this means you must treat your employees as you would your customers, synchronising your internal and external brands in the process. Part of internal marketing is all about communication and making sure the staff share the overall vision and goals of the firm, systems like the intranet and staff newsletters aid in sharing these common values. Empowerment and giving staff responsibility is an important part of the internal marketing role. Staff who are given responsibility usually perform better for the firm as they try their best to help the firm reach their goals. If staff need to be trained to take on responsibility then the firm should be able to offer this to show that they are interested in their skills development. Understanding staff and what motivates them is also very important. Many motivation theories such as Maslow and Herzberg have tried to pinpoint how staff can reach their full potential Rewards and recognition by the firm is also very important, staff that are praised feel a sense of satisfaction that encourages them to work harder. Culture is also an important part of the internal marketing process. Staff across departments and levels should share the same values, these values could simply be about putting the customer first and responding to customer needs as fast as possible. Internal marketing is distinct from internal communications, as the latter tends to be a one-way, top-down flow of information primarily concerned

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