Internal Conflict In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby conflict reveals how the past drives the future. Jay Gatsby has an internal conflict with his past. He tries to win Daisy back and prove he is not the poor man he used to be. "He was employed in a vague personal capacity-while he remained with Cody he was in turn steward, mate, skipper, secretary and even jailor, for Dan Cody sober knew what lavish doing Dan Cody drunk might soon be about and he provided for such contingencies by reposing more and more trust in Gatsby." (Page 106) This quote shows that Gatsby is driven because of the jobs Dan Cody gave him. Dan Cody helped Gatsby change from poor James Gatz to rich Jay Gatsby. Daisies major conflict in The Great Gatsby involves an internal one with Gatsby. She used to love Gatsby but she married Tom. She is forced to choose one. "Oh you want to much! "She cried at Gatsby, I love you now-isn't that enough? I can't help what's past. She began to sob helplessly. "I didn't love him once-but I loved you too" (page 132) Daisy destroys Gatsby's dream of their past love which was driving his future. Tom's conflict is with Gatsby. His wife used to love Gatsby and he thinks she still does. He tells Wilson where to find Gatsby and kill him. Tom treats everyone badly and has some sort of conflict with everyone. "Once in a while I go off on spree and make a fool of…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald uses conflict to develop the central idea. Most of the conflict is internal but it all involves the past. The last line in The Great Gatsby signifies the past and how someone hopes the future will be. "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past" (Page 180) The quote shows that everyone has an internal conflict with the past. It affects everyone's future differently. Jake Gatsby uses the green light to signify the struggle between the old love he and Daisy had. In The Great Gatsby almost every character struggles with some part of their past that is morphing there future big or
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