Internal Communication Essay

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Internal Communication/Employee Relation: SOTC believes in constantly inspiring and motivating employee in order to maintain employee satisfaction. A happy employee would bring a happy customer. For this purpose, H.R department organizes event which keeps employee engaged and happy working. 1) Kuani Indialink: This is an internal communication initiative from SOTC. It’s a quarterly magazine which has information about SOTC event happening in last 4 months. Recognition and growth of organization in 4 months. 2) Monthly competition: Monthly competition has all the events initiative initiated by HRD. For example, Ice Cream Eating Competition in many branches of country and judges would decide the winner according to criteria and winner would be awarded with some prize. 3) Monthly Corporate letter: Employee from service industry uses computer for their work and an email from management motivates morale of employee. 4) Monthly Birthday Celebration: 15th and 16th of every month management of SOTC celebrates birthday of employee falling on respective month. 5) Yearly Fam Trip (Familiarization Trip): 6) Bulletin Board: SOTC office has active bulletin board in office. Article on employee safety, security, health, savings etc. are updated and circulated. 7) Employee Of The Month : To motivate the work of employee SOTC publish employee of the month with AWARDS & RECOGNITION 1) CNBC Awaz Travel Award 2011: Best Outbound Tour Operator. 2) Today’s Traveller Award: Best Outbound Tour Operator. 3) Express TravelWorld Award 2010 to 2011: Award of innovation in operations travel / tour operator. 4) Star Brand India 2011: Chosen by the Indian Consumer. 5) Kula Lumpur Mayor’s Tourism Award 2011: Award for Excellence International Tour Operator Category. 6) Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Award 2011: Marketing

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