Internal and External Factors Paper

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Internal and External Factors Paper Esmeralda Rivera MGT/230 September 1, 2014 Robert Bloomfield Internal and External Factors Paper Coca Cola is one of thee most recognized companies and brands worldwide, specializing in soft drinks Coca cola is the perfect example of how a company implements on a daily basis the four steps of management but it is also a perfect example of how companies can be affecter by internal and external factors such as globalization, technology, innovation, and ethics. Globalization Globalization for Coca Cola first started in WWII when coca cola supplied American G.I.s with the beverage. This help coca cola stretch not only geographically but operationally. By 1941 Coca Cola had become pretty good at logistics and the company had dedicated itself during the 1920’s and 30’s to figuring out how to position its products with in arms reach of desire. Coca Cola was ready to take on the opportunity brought onto them. Coca Cola prepared to ship bottles by the crate, pallet and cargo-hold but Coca Cola also took it step further by assembling and shipping portable bottling operation to set up in local military theatre in Europe, the middle East, the Near East and islands across the pacific. A special group of Coca Cola employees called Technical Observers (TO’s) accompanied and operated the mobile plants, these TO’s supervised 64 bottling plants during the war, distributing over five billion bottles of coke. The U.S. Military fully endorsed the project. After the war Coca-Cola move rapidly to solidify ground its wartime operation had opened and efforts to gain licenses and train bottlers was accelerated, although there was a few exceptions, explained Time magazine, which profiled the company in 1950 at the crest of its global surge,
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